# Focus Areas

The Cubics Blockchain focuses on promoting Metaverse, Gaming, and NFT adoption using blockchain (asset registry, virtualization, dApps) and vision AI (object detection/segmentation). The six core pillars of The Cubics Blockchain are:

# Blockchain

Cubics Blockchain is a serverless blockchain enabling up to 80,000 TPS, transaction finality in under one second, and fees as low as a tenth of a cent. It provides a non-Turing complete language and 11 pre-built smart contracts, developed explicitly for NFTs, Gaming, and Metaverse use-cases such as Auctions, Lending, Staking, Decentralized Swaps, Lotteries and more.

# Metaverse

Cubics focuses on developing mixed-reality spaces as interface-layer for popular blockchains and, of course, Cubics's own blockchain. Primarily, Cubics creates a Minecraft-like virtual world with a focus on avatars, virtual land ownership, tradeable in-game NFTs, virtual spaces and events, 3D auctions & exhibitions, and Multiverse interoperability.

# Creators & Community

Cubics provides tools for creators and users to simplify token and NFT launches through launch pads and various DeFi mechanisms such as staking, lotteries, NFT royalties, and lending pools. Additionally, Cubics enables creators to collaboratively build, play and interact within the Metaverse using only a web browser.