# Roadmap & Milestones

# 2021 Q3/Q4

Blockchain Development: A lightweight modular blockchain to support asset tokenization and transactions with sub-second latencies.

Block explorer & smart contracts: A block explorer, a wallet web app, and a dashboard for interacting with the Cubics Blockchain. Simplification of minting NFTs & creating tokens - enabled by a no-code interface.

Testnet & 11 Prewritten Smart Contracts on Cubics: Launching the Cubics Blockchain Testnet and 11 pre-written programs using Cubics' own non-Turing complete smart contract language.

# 2022 Q1/Q2

Cubics Mainnet & Bridge: Launching the Cubics Blockchain Mainnet and developing a cross-chain bridge to enable swaps between CUBIC-ETH-BSC.

DEXs, NFTs, Staking & Lending Launch: Launching common pools such as decentralized swaps, staking pools, lending pools, auction pools, etc on the Cubics Blockchain. Enabling any project using Cubics Blockchain to create such pools for their communities. Enabling creators to easily create and upload NFTs to the Cubics Blockchain.

Metaverse Development & Land Sale: Developing an alpha version of the Metaverse. Bringing together Cubics Blockchain (land registry), 3D graphics, and our underlying APIs (storage) to virtualize and trade virtual land.

# 2022 Q3/Q4

Metaverse Usability & Scaling: Combining the Cubics Blockchain (and other chains) with the Metaverse, focusing on usability and interoperability between blockchains applied to the Metaverse.

Avatars & Virtual Spaces: In-game avatars, tradable skins, and NFT clothing. Focusing on growing use-cases for the Metaverse, towards virtual spaces, hangouts, gaming applications, events, and other virtual activities.

Gamification & Creator Tools: Providing tools for users and creators to increase adoption of the Metaverse. Tools might include simple gameplay creation tools and one-click setups of 3D spaces for various use-cases.

# 2023 Q1/Q2

Multiverse Interoperability: Focusing on interoperability between reality and various Metaverses. Working on AI technology to enable object detection, segmentation, and reconstruction enabling scanning and importing objects from the real world into the Metaverse.

Team Expansion & Growth: Hiring additional team members to promote the Cubics blockchain, to onboard users and creators, to raise awareness and educate around the Cubics Blockchain and Metaverse.

Cubics Ecosystem Development: Expanding business development to establish partnerships and to implement Cubics Blockchain & Cubics Metaverse technology.